About Our Center

Who We Are

A Beacon of Light (ABL) Pregnancy Help Center is a life-affirming pregnancy resource center providing services to pregnant women and their families, especially those struggling with unplanned pregnancies, as well as post-abortive women.

These services include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, miscarriage comfort, peer counseling, and referrals to life-affirming doctors for prenatal and postpartum care. We provide food, formula, and baby items to those in need, and promote the Christian values of chastity, integrity, and self-discipline.

Under the direction of CEO Kristi Hofferber and a board of directors, our goal is to be a safe place where women can experience unconditional love and confidential support. Using the LOVE approach from Heartbeat lnternational Inc., we meet with clients to actively listen to their concerns and build a relationship with them.

We introduce educational programs to help them explore their options, identify Christ-centered vision and values for their lives and families, extend help for specific needs, empower them to make responsible life choices for themselves and their families, and help them build healthy, Christ-centered relationships and families with a father, mother and children modeled after the Holy Family.

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Our headquarters are in the lower level (rear) of 6201 W Main Street, Suite 150 in Maryville, Illinois

Our Mission Statement

A Beacon of Light is a life-affirming organization based on Catholic spirituality called to support families facing an unplanned pregnancy or any pregnancy loss, including abortion.

Our Vision Statement

For every woman to experience God’s healing love and mercy in a family life styled after the Holy Family, embracing father, mother and children in a loving relationship with Christ and His Kingdom; where abortion is unthinkable.